Vendor Management

Imagine this : your internet is down. Your employees can’t sign into their email or productivity apps. Orders are halted at the door. You can’t even access your bank account to do paperwork. You’re already at your wits end keeping the office together, and now you have to deal with calling your carrier and trying to figure out a solution. While you’re waiting for troubleshooting on your phone, there’s a hundred other things that need your attention.

With our vendor management services, Zentek can take the burden off your shoulders and solve vendor problems quickly and efficiently. We have the right contacts and experience to get your office back up and running smoothly so you can focus on running your business instead of listening to hold music.

We actively monitor the performance of the products that you pay for to make sure that you are receiving the support and quality of service that you pay for. As your primary point of contact with vendors, we leverage our relationship to negotiate pricing so they you never pay more than you need to.