Affordable, Feature Rich Features for Nella Law Group

October 31, 2016 Logan Bibby

The Client

Rahsaana Allen operates Los Angeles-based Nella Law Group, a team of legal professionals with a wide range of legal services. With a diverse background and unique business model, Nella Law Group has an edge when dealing with complex business matters. From junior assistance up to seasoned attorneys, it is crucial for these law professionals to stay connected with clients 24/7.

The Problem

Prior to using Nextiva’s cloud-based communications, Nella Law Group utilized a standard Verizon-based business plan. This setup posed several large problems for Rahsaana Allen’s operations:

  • High Expenses – Each time Allen needed to make a change to her phone setup or add another employee line, she was required to purchase new, expensive hardware. Monthly service rates were costly and required the commitment to a long-term contract.
  • Limited Flexibility – The attorneys at Nella Law Group need to stay mobile yet connected. Their previous provider had limited features and functions, forcing them to stay tied to their desks if they were waiting for an important call.
  • Lack of Customer Service –If Allen had a question about her system or needed troubleshooting assistance, she was forced to chase down the appropriate representative and be on hold for hours at a time with Verizon’s customer service.

The Nextiva Solution

After switching to Nextiva, the employees at Nella Law Group saw immediate improvements in their phone flexibility and quality. Nextiva’s unified communications were able to provide Allen’s office with:

  • Affordability – Allen is now able to save her office hundreds of dollars each year through a low monthly commitment that had no upfront costs. Nextiva’s economy of scale will allow her to save money as her business continues to grow.
  • Enterprise-Level Features – A wide range of routing, reporting and attendant features have boosted Nella Law Group’s client satisfaction. Calls are now quickly routed to the appropriate attorneys’ desk, home, or mobile phones, and Allen’s team is able to easily track billable hours.
  • Reliable Customer Service – Allen is now able to directly contact a dedicated customer service representative who is located in Arizona and knows her by name. Nextiva’s customer service team has even taken the initiative to check in and see how her business is doing.

Nextiva is helping thousands of law firms around the country to increase their profitability and gain a competitive advantage.