Network Monitoring

Internet service has become one of the most important essential technologies for businesses. Degraded service and outages can cause productivity to grind to a halt.

Zentek offers both basic and advanced network monitoring through our vendor parter, ZeroOutages. They are the world’s first carrier neutral provider for networking monitoring, QoS optimization, and redundancy.


Basic Network Monitoring

We offer basic network monitoring free-of-charge for all circuits when service is contracted through our vendors, and we also offer vendor management. For accounts without network monitoring, a monthly fee of $25 is charged for this service.

With our basic network monitoring service, we use ping testing to determine the status of your circuit and automate email alerts in the event of a network outage.

Features include:

  • Circuit status monitoring (up or down)
  • Automated e-mail alerts
  • Metric reporting
  • Globally accessible, carrier neutral service.

Advanced Network Monitoring

We also offer more advanced network monitoring that includes a next generation system specifically designed to test internet circuits with special algorithms providing intelligent examination of circuits.

This service is available free-of-charge when internet service is contracted through our vendors and we provide vendor management totaling at least $150 per month. For accounts with vendor management totaling less than $150 per month, a monthly fee of $50 is charged for this service.

In addition to the basic network monitoring features, the advanced network monitoring includes:

  • Full-path service level agreement (SLA) monitoring
  • Advanced algorithms examining test data for potential issues
  • Automated vendor ticketing and tracking when issues are detected
  • Outage and poor performance detection
  • Bandwidth usage monitoring (SNMP)
  • Annual SLA auditing

Advanced Redundancy and Quality

When internet service is mission critical for your organization, you must ensure its uptime and quality. Through ZeroOutage’s Active/Failover and Site2Site services, we are able to provide managed redundancy, QoS, firewall, bonded VPN, and MPLS redundancy services.

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