CapEx Payment Plans

Some services like data continuity and phone systems may require a substantial upfront investment in equipment — and that can put a dent in your cash flow. To help with that, Zentek offers short term, in-house financing to help soften that investment.

Qualified customers are able to purchase the equipment by making a down payment at the time of agreement and agree to pay the remaining balance in monthly or semi-monthly payments over a 90 or 120 day period. During this 90 or 120 day period, we will own the equipment and you will be leasing it from us. After you have completed payments, the equipment will be yours.

Using Zentek’s capex payment plan to finance your equipment, allows you to:

  • conserve month-to-month cash flow
  • preserve bank credit lines for other purchases and expansion
  • generate income or savings before purchasing the equipment

To get started, talk to your account executive or start your consultation. You will need to fill out a business credit application once an equipment payment plan has been established.