Should You Leave Your PC On Tonight?

March 2, 2015 Logan Bibby

A question I get asked often is “should I leave my PC on at night?” For years, the debate has raged on. A yay and nay camp formed with both sides saying its better for your PC.

The yay camp contends its better for your PC to be shutdown at night because leaving it on will wear out the internal components faster and shorten its life. The nay camp contends repeated shut downs and boot ups will also wear things out and shorten its life.

Both camps are worried about the same thing but for the complete opposite reasons.

Years ago, when the PC was still in its infancy, repeat shut downs and boot ups were bad for those internal components. Hard drives and other components didn’t handle shutting down easily sometimes would damage themselves in the process. Back then, the mantra was to shutdown only when necessary.

Computer components have come a long way in the last couple of decades. Most mid and high-end PCs can last five or more years, so component break-down is no longer a worry.

Now, it’s just personal preference.

Shutting your PC off means less noise and saving on your electricity bill. Although, if you do shut down, remember to do so property: don’t unplug it and don’t press and hold the power button.

Leaving your PC on means it’s there when you need it, it can be left to download large files, back up your documents, perform routine maintenance on itself, or scan for viruses.

What’s your preference? Leave us a note in the comments.